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ED WEEK: Charter schools adjusting to Common Core

Education Week continues to cover all aspects of the implementation of the Common Core State Standards. And now that Washington will soon have public charter schools, it's interesting to see that the flexbility of charter schools is an asset to implementing the new K-12 learning standards in math and English-language arts.

Below is a short excerpt from the January 23 story. To read the full story, click here.

Despite the hurdles ahead, many charter school officials and advocates say they believe schools within the sector, because of their tradition of flexibility, are well-positioned to make the changes necessary to comply with the standards.

"[Common-core standards] made so much sense to us because we have always tried to boil things down to what are the big ideas that children really need to understand and understand in depth," said Catherine C. Whitehouse, the founder, principal, and chief educator for the Intergenerational School, a charter in Cleveland that eschews grade levels for multiage classes. While the common standards provide expectations for children, charter schools like hers are prepared to craft curriculum to flesh out those broad academic guidelines.

"Charter schools have a little bit of a leg up on [district schools] because we're very nimble," she said.

Currently, about 6,000 charter schools educate 2.3 million students in 42 states and the District of Columbia.