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LEGISLATURE: House Ed to Hear Bill on reducing HS state 'exit exams'

Today's House Education Committee at 1:30 p.m. provides a full and interesting agenda, highlighted by State Superintendent Randy Dorn's bill (HB 1450) to reduce the state's high school exit exam requirements from five (algebra 1, geometry, reading, writing and biology) to three (algebra 1, reading and biology).

Dorn's rationale is with the state moving to the new assessments for the Common Core State Standards, which requires an 11th grade career-and-college ready exam, increases the testing strain on students and schools. Here's an article from the Associated Press on Dorn's proposal.

In addition, House Education will hear HB 1475 on authorizing waivers of state requirements for school districts. The committee will then likely move to executive session to debate nine bills and whether they should move forward in the legislative process.

Below, is the agenda for today's hearing at 1:30 p.m. You can watch live on TVW by clicking here.

Also, don't forget to visit our state Legislature resources page for our "Bill Tracker" and other valuable legislative resource.

House Education Committe Feb. 8, 2013 Agenda

Work Session:  Why Does Disaggregated Student Data Matter?

Public Hearing:  

  1. HB 1475 - Authorizing waivers of state requirements for school districts.
  2. HB 1450 - Regarding assessments in public schools.

Possible Executive Session:  

  1. HB 1076 - Expanding participation in innovation academy cooperatives.
  2. HB 1144 - Regarding qualifications for educational interpreters.
  3. HB 1248 - Supporting music education for young children in public schools.
  4. HB 1252 - Establishing the Washington K-12 online professional development project.
  5. HB 1283 - Changing compulsory school attendance requirements for children six and seven years of age.
  6. HB 1304 - Authorizing approval of online school programs in private schools.
  7. HB 1345 - Regarding access to K-12 campuses for occupational or educational information.
  8. HB 1173 - Regarding the financial education public-private partnership.
  9. HB 1397 - Adding a requirement to sexual health education to include elements of and consequences for conviction of sexual offenses where the victim is a minor.